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“I am here.”

The sun had ceased to shine through my window. A dark cloud was hurriedly moving close to consume the sun. But, I hold no sympathy for the sun. Eats away the winter in the day. Almost on the edge now, a little push and bye-bye winter. A gentle wind blows into my room to exchange parting words. And brings with herself soft aged winter. Suddenly, a memory jolts through the nerves and hits me like a sledgehammer. I hurriedly pick up my watch. Continue reading “Introduction.”

Rummaging through Rajasthan: Jaisalmer – 2

Some mornings are well spent doing nothing. Sipping hot tea, having a delicious breakfast and taking in the beautiful panoramic view of the fort; that to me is definitely a morning well spent.  Continue reading “Rummaging through Rajasthan: Jaisalmer – 2”

Rummaging through Rajasthan: Jaisalmer – 1

After a bumpy and bitterly cold night on a ‘sleeper’ bus which ironically left me awake through the night, alighting at Jaisalmer with the morning sun greeting me, helped understand the emotion behind praying to the sun by most ancient civilisations. But soon enough I was wishing if only the sun came with a knob to adjust the brightness and the heat.  Continue reading “Rummaging through Rajasthan: Jaisalmer – 1”

Rummaging through Rajasthan: Pushkar

There is a running joke that “Indians cannot make a queue.” But all I could see in Delhi on 18th December’ 16 were queues outside ATMs long enough to run through entire breadth of certain smaller countries. Okay, there might be a bit of exaggeration in there but still, there was no possibility of withdrawing money that evening for me. Still, extracting a few drops of positivity from the tragic situation, I thought what a fantastic opportunity it was, to experience the effects of DEMONetisation on travelling. With that thought in mind and a thousand bucks in my pocket, I set out for the holy city of Pushkar.  Continue reading “Rummaging through Rajasthan: Pushkar”

Build the castle, once again

Crumbling down
As grains of sand, a
Paralysed young man
Rushing to his end

He watches, agape, alone
From the midst of ruins
The burnt wishes,
The torched desires

And picks up, a
Pebble of hope, to
Go back, and
Build his castle once again.

Welcome to Humanity

Welcome to my celebration,

Of murder, ignorance, depravity and hypocrisy.


Welcome to my home;

Door of black lies,

Walls smeared in blood red,

Adorned by an array of skulls.


Welcome to humanity,

of religion, hatred, racism and bigotry.


I welcome you my child to this grand celebration.




Parvati Valley : A Complete Guide

tosh3This post has been long due partially because of my other preoccupations but mostly because I am a lazy bum. The moment I returned from my third trip to the valley, I had thought of compiling every information to help people who intend to travel there in future or just want to know about the place. This post is all about information rather than any experience. Continue reading “Parvati Valley : A Complete Guide”

The Stone

On the stone sits an armless man;

The stone in the midst of sand;

Here was once an ocean;

Blue water, white oysters and silver fish.


Now  there sits a brooding man;

Armless, desolate;

Waiting for his echo to speak;

Faint sound, loud words and a familiar name.

Embracing Silence in Parvati Valley

Solo travel is a very poetic idea in itself. There has always been a hint of mysticism shrouding it, propagated by accounts of numerous people who claim to encounter life-changing incidents whilst on their journeys. Driven by curiosity and stimulated by the recent, yet intense feeling of being lost and clueless about my life, I too decided to venture on a trip by myself to seek out answers, if there were any. Continue reading “Embracing Silence in Parvati Valley”

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